Goodness army title
The Goodness Army Initiative - Answering the Humanitarian Need for Ukrainians Through Art and Crypto!

The Goodness.Army is an NFT collection with 10,000 unique crypto-images created with the aim of making a financial contribution to support and rebuild the country after destruction from the russian-Ukrainian war.

The compilation of the NFT began to be created from the first days of the war and was fully completed and released on May 8, theDay of Remembrance and Reconciliation in Ukraine.

The first purchase of NFT (hereinafter: mint) it costs 0.25ETH, it can be carried out on the main website of the project. Repeatedly NFT can be bought and sold on the opensea website or any other famos platforms, like Looksrare, Rarible, x2y2 ect.

How are the funds received from mint distributed?

To make this process of distributing funds fast and transparent, Coinchange employees have developed a smart contract that is used as the basis of the Goodness Army project. The contract code at the mint stage (in one transaction) distributes the funds received from the NFT between Ukrainian state wallet and Divine Life LLC wallet.

90% (0.225 ETH from each NFT) of proceeds go directly to state wallet of Ukraine: 0x165CD37b4C644C2921454429E7F9358d18A45e14

10% (0.025 ETH from each NFT) of proceeds go to Divine Life LLC, a Goodness Army backed web3 media company.

I received inspiration for the creation of the Goodness Army project on February 24 at 4 am, when I was woken up by 2 explosions under my window in Kiev. And the concept of the project came in the process of creating a collection and a list of expenses that are associated with its release and promotion.

Rainer Stas
(founder of the Goodness Army project,
director of Divine Life LLC)

Even compared with the 40 billion provided by the United States as part of the Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act bill to help Ukraine. 2205 ETH ( ≈ 4-5 million dollars)  which are potentially transferred from the full mint of the Goodness Army collection, can make a significant contribution to the effort to help the country.

But it can become much bigger if the project not only will raise money on a one-time basis, but also whose NFTs will have value in the future. What creates an inexhaustible source of infusion of money into the restoration and prosperity of Ukraine.

It is possible to implement this with the help of an NFT project that is traded and in demand. Let's recall the projects of The CryptoPunks, The Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, the main capital of which gathered after all the NFTs were sold. The project has grown on post sales and the use of NFT in future projects, for the mint of new collections to gain access to closed clubs, from commercial rights to NFT art that you own, etc. To this day, these projects remain active and only become more and more interesting.

To implement such a plan, 10% from the first mint is sent to the Divine Life media company to recruit employees and create new projects related to the Goodness.Army project, which potentially increases at many times the initial amount of 4-5 million dollars that will be transferred to support Ukraine.

The emotional value of the NFT collection

The main value of the collection lies in linking this NFT to the most significant event in the period of existence of the cryptocurrency — russian-Ukrainian war. During which the outlook of countries in the world changes, the concept of security changes and new security military alliances are formed.

The collection was created by a professional artist who spent all the time of the war on the territory of Ukraine, with a desire to make a contribution to the future of his country, to a peaceful future.

Strengthening the demand for the NFT project with the help of ERC20 token

The great experience of Goodness Army team in the field of cryptocurrency, from 2016 to this day, led to an obvious decision: to issue an ERC20 token (named NFT LIFE) which is based on the Goodness Army collection.

How can you get NFT LIFE token: 

The first way: exchange your NFT Goodness Army for tokens directly through a smart contract (это можно сделать на сайте The  cost of 1 NFT = 500 LIFE, you will receive 450 LIFE in your hands. You can simply store tokens with yourself or trade them on the exchange like any other crypto-coin.

The second way: buy a token on the exchange or get it for active participation in the life of the Goodness Army project.

What happens to NFTs that change to NFT LIFE:

All NFT are available for redemption. To redeem them you will need 500 LIFE tokens. In this case, you can choose which NFT you are redeeming. Thus, for example, if you exchange less rare NFTs for tokens, you can buy back rarer ones for NFT LIFE that you recived.

How votes system is works?

When community want to make important decision about Goodness Army project, for example on what to spend free funds on. We will use LIFE token with each vote.

Collected LIFE amount we will use for redimed NFT. Redeamed NFT will be used like a prise in ofician contests or as a reward for the recognition of specific people.

Is it possible to get an NFT LIFE token by depositing another NFT (not Goodness Army)? Yes, the token does have such an opportunity, but at the moment it only works with the Goodness Army NFT.

Follow the news, to find out when the token will start accepting new NFT collections.